Burleson Concrete Crack Repair & Concrete Lifting

Best Concrete Crack Repair & Concrete Lifting In Burleson, Tx

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete surfaces in industrial and commercial environments wear down over time due to mechanical abuse, exposure to the elements, and erosion of concrete sublayers due to drainage problems. Insufficient construction can lead to rapid breakdown and extensive repair. When you use the help of a reliable Burleson concrete repair company, you can save most surfaces if you act quickly.

Restore Your Concrete Quickly And Avoid Replacement

The Burleson Concrete Company provides complete concrete repair services to Burleson, TX commercial businesses and residents. Whether you need a minor crack filled or a pothole filled, we can handle all your concrete repair needs. Our in-house experts can:

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Service Needed

Smooth out sidewalks – You can prevent falls and injuries with beautiful sidewalks that reflect the quality of your community or business. We can fix sidewalks that have been damaged by automobiles, fractured by age, sunken or uneven from settling, or pushed up by tree roots. By smoothing and leveling your sidewalks, we’ll return your Burleson, TX grounds to their former glory.

Leveling wobbly walkways – Your business’s walkways, ramps, and stairs are dangerous and a liability if they are damaged. With our extensive experience repairing concrete structures, we have a proven procedure to provide flawless results.

Repair deteriorating driveways – Concrete driveways can be heavily damaged by trucks, equipment, and traffic. Heavy trucks, forklifts, and heavy equipment can cause major damage. Professional paving crews can restore driveways that are severely damaged while causing minimal traffic disruption. Our resurfacing services and special concrete finishes extend the lifespan of your pavement.

Patch up parking lots – We provide proven solutions to extend the life of your parking lot with concrete repair. We can quickly fix cracks, potholes, and curbs with advanced equipment and high-quality materials. We can quickly restore your parking lot to its former glory, complete with ADA-compliant striping.

Deal with drainage – Water damage destroys paved surfaces faster than anything else. Water and contaminants will degrade sub-base layers if drainage issues are not dealt with sooner rather than later. Allow us to assess your pavement to determine whether it needs curbing, slope adjustments, or additional drainage in order to avoid costly replacement.

Bandage broken barriers – The curbing we repair and replace will keep pedestrians and vehicles where they should be, keeping your property safe from encroaching traffic.

Concrete Lifting Solutions

A common type of repair method companies have used in the past revolves around removing and replacing the problematic concrete or raising the sinking slabs with mudjacking or slab jacking techniques. A mixture of concrete and mud was pumped under the settling areas. Polyurethane foam injections can put your concrete back on solid ground once again with Burleson Concrete PolyRenewal. These outdated processes are ineffective and do not last much longer.

Do I need Concrete Lifting?

There are cracks in your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or exterior steps, as well as any uneven or cracked slabs around your home. People with mobility issues, but also anyone who uses them, may be at risk. As a result of sinking slabs, they become a tripping hazard as well. Your family’s wellbeing and the safety of your home should be your top priorities. For this reason, having a reliable solution for repairing those you cherish is essential.

In some cases, you may wonder why you are dealing with such concrete problems. Concrete can crack and sink into voids for several reasons, but primarily the underlying soil is to blame. There are different types of soil with varying load-bearing capacities, and as those capacities are exceeded, the soil will compact and settle. Burleson, TX has significant clay and silt soils that shrink substantially when they get dry as well. Concrete can move underneath and wash the soil away, leaving a void unsupported in its wake that will easily sink.

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Removing the soil underneath your home is not realistic, and traditional repair methods such as mudjacking, slab jacking, and concrete drainage will not provide a permanent solution. Our goal at Burleson Concrete is to provide the best protection for our customers’ homes, so we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to do so. PolyRenewal’s concrete lifting system combines the concept of mudjacking with advanced materials and state-of-the-art technology. By injecting lightweight and incredibly durable polyurethane foam under the slabs, holes the size of a penny are created. Using this method, the concrete is precisely lifted and stabilized, and in just 15 minutes it has cured, so the concrete area can be used immediately!