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Concrete Coatings

You need to protect your concrete coating, whether it’s residential or commercial, against abrasive wear and tear, which causes cracks, pitting, and deterioration of your floor. Burlington Concrete offers a variety of concrete coating products for the home and the workplace.

Our experienced technicians can professionally apply our specialized coatings to a variety of areas in and around your home or business, increasing the value and preventing dangerous slip-and-fall accidents in basements, outdoor walkways, factory floors, concrete stairs, patios, and garages. We offer a wide selection of colors and textures to make sure that your floor coating is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, safe, and protective.

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Protect Your Burleson, TX Concrete Floors With Concrete Floor Coatings

Technologies for floor coatings have greatly advanced over the last several decades. It is no longer necessary to reapply your concrete floor coating every year, to continually maintain the coating material, and to patch your floor as needed. Modern floor coatings are designed to last. Modern manufactured coatings are incredibly resilient and will stand up to almost anything that your commercial, industrial, or residential slab needs to withstand.

Concrete protection coatings bond directly to concrete, strengthening your concrete instead of merely protecting it. Concrete epoxy’s resins and hardening materials react chemically with your floor, creating a bond that is infinitely stronger than early concrete floor coatings. Although some maintenance is necessary, slab flooring is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Additionally, concrete floor coatings provide anti-slip properties. Whether your flooring is commercial, industrial, or residential, your floor will be safe. You will protect your customers, employees, and loved ones from slip and fall injuries.

The Reason For Concrete Floor Coatings

It depends on how much traffic you expect on your concrete floor which coating is right for you. Concrete epoxy floor coatings have the primary function of serving as a protective layer and protecting your slab from corrosive chemicals, harsh weather conditions, and normal wear and tear. Your floor will take the abuse it can handle.

Businesses that deal with heavy traffic, as well as machinery wear and heavy load assembly, understand that wearing protection is critical. For areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations, concrete floor coatings need to be able to withstand the expansion and contraction caused by varying temperatures, while also protecting from those conditions.

For commercial floors in open warehouses and customer showrooms, you should provide maximum protection, but also consider your design scheme when choosing the flooring. BURLESON CONCRETE offers a variety of attractive and durable floor coatings for concrete floors.

Concrete Flooring Coated by BURLESON CONCRETE To Stay Protected And Pleasing

Surface coatings for concrete floors are both aesthetic and protective, protecting your floors from costly damage and repairs. Different epoxy stains and finishes can be applied to concrete floors. They can be mixed together to produce stunning effects. There is no limit to what can be done with concrete epoxy. It also keeps your floor looking clean. Concrete epoxy floor coatings have been used in hospitals and laboratories for decades to keep down static electricity and noise, as well as making them easier to clean.